PEAB Sweden

PEAB is the second largest contractor in Sweden and acts on state roads in over 20 different state road contract areas for winter maintenance.


PEAB is the second largest contractor in Sweden and acts on state roads in over 20 different state road contract areas for winter maintenance. PEAB has been onboard since RSI service started in 2014 and has over the years included multiple contracts. PEAB is one of our customers that have chosen to integrate floating car data from lasers in three of eleven contracts, which provide unparalleled follow-up on their winter maintenance service.

“We have evaluated the technology for several years at first and now see that the degree of maturity is very high which will contribute to greater environmental benefits and a more attractive workplace. This, combined with the fact that we are simultaneously developing and adapting our method and decision-making process, means that we can now take the next step, which is very exciting


— Carl-Johan Laurell, Deputy Chief of Staff PEAB

During the winter PEAB operates in more than 20 regions in Sweden. In 2014 Klimator and PEAB started their journey together with a collaboration to digitalize the winter maintenance decision-support process.

PEAB required a more user-friendly system to operate their maintenance events from. Prior to using RSI PEAB used the RWIS network and the national overall weather forecast from the state-owned company SMHI. When using RSI, PEAB identified that the combination of several data feeds provides better forecasts and a better base for decisions and that they can save recourses. They also identified that besides economic and sustainability objectives they could improve the working environment for all users, recruit new talents and create a learning organization.


By using RSI PEAB gain a competitive advantage as they identify the following outcomes:

  • Use recourses more efficiently (fewer maintenance activities / less usage of salt, when to start and when to stop).

  • Plan and organize 18 hours in advance.

  •  Attract new talents.

  •  In follow-up meetings with the customer (Swedish road authority) communicate why different maintenance actions were performed or not.
  • Follow developments of activities everywhere since RSI can be used on a stationary computer, cell phone, or tablet.

Today, several regions are using RSI for their daily operations. For each new region that deploys RSI, Klimator provides a full year online learning sessions and follow-up meetings each week during the starting phase to secure that the users are using the software in the best possible way.

The outcome from using RSI depends on lenghth of usage. In Gothenburg and Kungsbacka PEAB save between 15- 30% depending on the weather conditions. The savings are continuously evaluated and are connected to three different areas.

  1. Call out vehicles or not. RSI has contributed with the fact that PEAB have reduced the numbers of maintenance activities. To treat or not. Make more precise decisions in order to treat partially areas within the contract.
  2. More deep learning of winter maintenance condition and communication with the Swedish Road Authority, exactly describing the process of decisions and why they did a specific treatment level. (multiple data sources combined instead of a general forecast)
  3. A new finding from 2020 was also the benefit of the ability to call maintenance vehicles home if temperature forecast is rising.