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    We research to expand our offerings, grow our target markets and create value for additional players. Our research motto is "Advance today to enable a better tomorrow."
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    Research in every fiber of Klimator

    Klimator is the consequence of unprecedented research within road climatology conducted by our founders in the 1980s. With the findings in mind, they decided to start Klimator, with an aspiration to one day make the research broadly available to the public and new technologies. However, the market wasn't quite ready for the findings in the late 90s, hence why we are currently in our growth phase.  However, our legacy within research creates unparalleled competitive advantages today, as we have years of data collection and model development supporting our excellence. To stay in touch with our inheritance we continuously advance our offerings and markets by participating in different research projects we deem fruitful. 

    Find out more about our current projects below.



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    Klimator x Airport Research

    The research we perform in this area is done with the aim to help maintain secure and efficient airstrips, as well as find new cost-effective solutions, contributing to smarter and better airport procedures.












    The future of airports looks very similar to the future of roads, primarily autonomous and remote-controlled. With extremely streamlined processes and overall maximized cost-efficiency. The research and development Klimator employs targets to improve airport technologies such as monitoring, friction measurement, snow removal, cargo handling, and runway de-icing with autonomous vehicles.

    Our research group is working together with airports to develop predictive and detective solutions adapted specifically for airports, that can provide actionable insights to enable first-class maintenance, preventing slippery and suboptimal landing conditions.


    With RCD airstrip operators receive highly-accurate data on what the surface conditions will look like in the next 18h.



    AHEAD allows operators to obtain real-time airstrip friction values, enabling them to take the right actions at the right time.


    Örnsköldsvik airport

    The aim of the research project in the video beloe, is to develop and deliver a demonstrator for autonomous friction measurement and visualization of friction data in the air traffic control room.

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    Klimator x Airports = Success

    Read how we push progress through research through this Vinnova project.

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    Klimator x Railway Research


    We engage in research on railways to discover new solutions and technologies that have the potential to increase value for travelers and aid sustainable logistics. Today, our research mainly focuses on projects striving to improve planning, maintenance, and reduced energy consumption.

    Our research team uses all our existing technologies to discover new ways to improve the operations and functionality on railways. The most recent research findings indicate that Swedish railways can utilize our hyperlocal-weather forecast, from RCD, to minimize the annual energy consumption by up to 30 gigawatts. These findings are still being validated and further development is needed, however, these early findings indicate that with our technology can disrupt railways energy consumption, which is extremely beneficial from a cost and environment perspective.

    Seek to understand how we can make your city smarter?

    Read how we push progress through research through this Vinnova project.

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    Klimator x Autonomous Driving

    Enabling autonomous driving in all weather conditions is an overarching goal at Klimator. During the past years, multiple research projects have been initiated to support the achievement of this goal, resulting in major maturig of our technologies.














    Scania x Klimator

    Our most recent research project, which is still ongoing, is performed in partnership with Scania. The project aims to address challenges associated with the autonomous driving of heavy vehicles (vehicle + trailer) in all weather conditions. The overall goal is to conduct research and development that enables a fully functional friction estimation and autonomous vehicle system, which can drive safely under critical road conditions, such as wet or icy roads, and thereby generating key competence that enables future 24/7/365 operation of driverless vehicles.

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    The project’s primary results include

    • Research and development of new friction estimation methods that can estimate friction under and in front of a heavy vehicle using a variety of sensors, signal processing, and self-learning methods.

    • Research and development of motion planning and control functions that enable the driving of heavy vehicles in adverse weather conditions.

    • Demonstrate the developed systems in several key scenarios.

    • Prepare friction estimation methods for autonomous and manually driven vehicles.

    Klimator provides both predictive and detective technologies, RCD and AHEAD, to support the research.

    Read how we improve motion planning with Scania in joint research project

    Improved motion planning with Klimator & Scania

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