Klimator x Winter Road Maintenance

Challenging weather can cause severe risks to road safety. Klimator's solutions provide access to actionable insights, enabling hassle-free data-driven decisions to ensure safe roads.

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We are the world-leading provider of
smart winter maintenance solutions


Klimator Winter road

Safer roads with Klimator 

Approximately 22% of all road accidents are weather-related, resulting in traffic jams and worst-case casualties. Our mission is to make roads safer by supporting winter maintenance operators and contractors by providing state-of-the-art tools such as RSI.

Road Status Information GUI

RSI - Road Status

Software application for reporting and predicting road weather conditions, allowing you to plan operations and track performance. RSI is also the basis for dynamic routing. 

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We help our customers pave the way for safe and sustainable mobility

Klimator Winter Roads

The Winter Maintenance Industry Today

  • Undergoing major technology leap and adaptions

  • Curiosity pushes new economic incentives

  • Increased focus on dynamic routes

  • Understands the value of robust data as input and output​

  • Increased awareness of data-driven decisions​
Klimator Winter roads

What drives innovation 

  • Accepting that the environment needs to be prioritized

  • The increased cost of overall operations

  • Higher requirements on employers (often the operator)

  • Consolidation of the industry and centralization​

  • Exitance of new technologies for increased efficiency​ that creates:​
    • new requirements & quality systems​
    • new ecosystems (buyers, sellers, third parties)​
    • new compensation plans
Klimator Water

We are looking for partners!

Come and join us in our mission to enable safer traffic and a cleaner environment through data-driven decisions.


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Klimator Academy Winter Maintenance

Why do slippery roads occur?

Most of us understand that some parts of a road are more slippery than others. But often not how big a difference there is on the road depending on what surrounding environment. And why.

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Become an expert on road weather conditions with RSI

Predicting slip is difficult and taking the right action at the right time without either doing too much or too little is even more challenging. RSI provides the operator with the best available information about upcoming road conditions and relevant measures to be able to make the right decision.

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How different weathers affect road conditions

We have collected a couple of examples of different weather situations based on how they affect the micro and local climate and how these in turn affect the formation of slippery roads.

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Gain deeper insights of how we provide state-of-the-art solutions to the winter maintenance industry

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Safe winter roads today

Do you wish to decrease cost, increase operability, and ensure the safest roads possible - schedule a demo today with our winter road experts.

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Klimator’s IoT Road Weather Station

Elevate your winter maintenance with a smart, simple, and cost-efficient sensor solution. 


Road Weather Station













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