Co-creating value through partnerships

Klimator partners up with the best to capture and create value, bringing geographical competence, industry expertise and complementary technology together.
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The power of collaboration

We believe in the power of collaboration and desire to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and drive innovation – join us today in creating a better tomorrow.

Partner stories


Different types of partnerships

Business Partner

Klimators' Business Partners adds Klimators solutions to their product portfolio and promotes them in their markets, creating a competitive edge and increasing revenues and profits. 


Collaborators and Klimator co-create value by complementing each other's technologies and solutions. Our Collaborators also gain access to our unique ecosystem and network within ITS, enabling expanded sales and partnering opportunities.


Tech Partner

Klimator Tech Partners play a critical role in scaling our business and naturally become an integrated part of our vast ecosystem and network.


Benefits of becoming
a partner

  • Expanded offering
  • Digitalized and modernized product portfolio
  • Increased revenue and profits
  • Enhanced competitive edge
  • Becoming an integrated part of a unique ITS ecosystem

Become a partner


Partner Journey – Become a partner

Partner program has been designed to maximize our partners' success across business models, customer requirements, success metrics, and strategic priorities.

A rewarding program built for and with partners:

Innovation: Our program’s flexibility offers you the freedom to innovate and engage with us in a way that meets your business and customer needs. 

Collaboration: The partner experience is an open two-way dialogue that invites you to team with us to create the best solutions for our customers. 

Growth: By focusing on the end customer, we work closely with you to build solutions that drive profitability in an ever-changing landscape.

Enjoy the benefits of partnership

Partners enjoy many benefits based on the Engagement Model that aligns with their business. Benefits include financial incentives, sales and marketing resources, technical enablement, and more.

Enhance your partner experience through program based support to grow your business.

Access the tools and training necessary to integrate, deploy, RCD and RSI and IOT RWIS. 

Accelerate your business and expand your opportunities with a broad set of sales-based benefits.

Promote your solutions and services with a wide array of marketing resources that allow you to reach new customers, build awareness, and drive demand.


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