Road Status Information (RSI) 

Enhance and scale your dynamic operations with RSI. The world-leading SaaS solution for the winter maintenance industry - enabling resource savings without compromising on road safety.

Supporting over 1 000 decision makers every day in seven countries. 

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RSI is the disruptive software application for supporting winter maintenance contractors with data-driven decision making. 


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Organizations that choose to work with RSI to achieve first-class dynamic operations



RSI – all critical information in one application

RSI enables optimal winter maintenance operations, making it more efficient and sustainable. The usage of RSI eliminates high uncertainty and makes winter maintenance more straightforward by backing with verified information, calculations, and observations. RSI supports winter maintenance with everything from information gathering to follow-up, providing the best possible foundation for proactive and sustainable winter maintenance.

Resource saving potential with RSI

Save time with RSI

Find everything you need for critical operational decisions in one application - saving you time and frustration.

Reduce cost when educating new staff 

RSI makes recruitment easy; our e-learning platform creates the best-in-class foundation when learning about winter maintenance and treatment actions. With RSI your workforce becomes ninjas in winter maintenance and reduces costs when transferring knowledge from experienced staff to inexperienced staff.

Reduce the use of materials with RSI

RSI reduces the usage of salt by approximately 20% - saving both money, equipment wear down, and the environment.

Improve workload on staff 

The pressure on the workforce to continuously make critically important decisions can be extremely strenuous. With RSI the workforce gains reliable data and recommendations, eliminating uncertainty and anxiety - without compromising on road safety.

Learn how much you can save with RSI

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RSI is the all-encompassing application for intelligent winter maintenance operations

Incremental improvements over 20 years have created RSI - the new way of working with winter maintenance. Features co-created together with winter maintenance contractors for a premium user experience.



Latest Nowcast

Gain access to a snapshot of the current road status in your area of interest. The nowcast dashboard is designed to provide data and details simply, for you to feel in control at all times.

  • Increase reliability of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA)

  • Improved V2V information

  • Limit/Enhance Operational Design Domain (ODD)

Cutting-edge forecast 

The RSI road weather forecast is based on ruled-based algorithms, machine learning, and huge amounts of real-world environment data. The algorithms to produce the RSI forecast, and its accuracy, is the result of 30 years of research and 10 years of product development.  


Stationary & Virtual Sensor Data

Verified data from all available stationary RWIS as well as customer-specific sensors, which are easily integrated into the application. Use the information to identify and strategize based on data provided directly to you in one application, saving time and resources.   


Performed activities

All performed activities in one map view, over an entire season, displaying exactly when, where, and how road treatment activities have been carried out. The best feature available for a superior follow-up procedure to base new strategic decisions and development on. 


Recommended treatment activities

Based on forecasted road status, discover expert recommendations on when, where, and how to treat the roads for maximum road safety. RSI's treatment recommendations are purely based on facts, figures, and science, taking the guesswork out of the equation, and maximizing efficiency.


Bike & Municipality Roads

Apart from the first-class resolution, RSI now displays the road status for all bike and municipality roads, ensuring not only road safety but mobility safety for all. 


Measured data

Gain deeper insights into your road network by studying the historic and current measurements from Floating Car Data (FCD). The FCD provides real-time information about road friction as well as the road status providing direct evidence of successful treatments and achieved road safety.


Winter Maintenance Index (industry unique)

Empower and elevate your follow-up procedure with Klimator's unique Winter Maintenance Index (WMI). The industry-breaking feature provides all data needed for you to understand exactly how to improve operations, ensure safer roads and save resources simultaneously.

  • Compare performed actions to recommendations and weather outcomes.
  • Kilometers treated vs kilometers recommended.
  • Kg salt used vs kg salt recommended.
  • Analyze in different time scales – day/week/month/season.

Achieve next level safety with Klimator

Do you wish to decrease cost, increase operability, and ensure the safest roads possible  - schedule a demo today with our winter road experts.

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Real-world environment data aggregated in one
platform made possible by cutting-edge technology


Discover smart winter maintenance solutions

Winter Maintenance

Empower your organization with RSI

  • Empower decision-making, and create confidence, by relying on unmatched data
  • Improve operations by applying strategies based on facts
  • Decrease asset loss and save resources to grow your business
  • Elevate your organization's digital transformation
  • Pave the way for fully automated winter maintenance
    • Digitalization
    • Semi-optimization
    • Dynamic routes
    • Dynamic spreading 

Klimator’s IoT Road Weather Station

Elevate your winter maintenance with a smart, and cost-efficient sensor solution. Find out more below.

Road Weather Station












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