Management team

Emil Danielsson

Chief Executive Officer

Born 1970

Employed at Klimator since 2013. Management team 2019.

Shareholding: 484,562 shares privately and via Evenstar AB.

Background and experience:
Emil has a bachelor’s degree in media and communication science from Jönköping University. He has more than 20 years of experience in digitally driven companies
and extensive experience in identifying, developing and driving digital transformation.Emil has previously been sales and marketing manager at HV71, marketing manager at Destination Jönköping and CEO of Lithium AB. Emil is responsible for running and developing the winter maintenance business area.

Viktoria Bogren

Head of Business Area Automotive

Born 1994

Employed at Klimator since 2018. Management team 2022.

Shareholding: 209 206 shares

Background and experience:
Viktoria has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. She has been at Klimator since 2018, where she has run successful projects and worked in close collaboration with the development team. In 2021 her focus was narrowed to projects and sales related to the business area automotive, and since the beginning of 2022, she has been managing the business area.

Søren Pedersen

Head of Business Area Winter Maintenance

Born 1969

Employed at Klimator since 2021. Management team 2023.

Shareholding: 10,001 shares, 75,000 warrants.

Background and experience:
CEO and board member of Klimator DK ApS since January 2021. Søren has broad leadership experience in business development, both as a consultant and as a contractor. His primary focus throughout his career has been on technology and digitization. Søren is a trained landscape
technician and has an Executive MBA from AVT Business School in Copenhagen.

Gustaf Gulliksson

Head of Development and Product Management

Born 1989

Employed at Klimator since 2019. Management team 2023

Shareholding: 30,988 shares.

Background and experience:
Gustaf has a master's degree in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology. He has been at Klimator since 2019, where he has performed various roles in the development department, most recently Team Lead for the DevOps team. Before Klimator, Gustaf acquired several years of experience in software development and the automotive field, mainly through a number of consultancy assignments at Volvo Cars.

Lars Brodal

Chief Finance Officer

Chief Finance Officer

Born 1962

Contracted by Klimator since 2020. Management team since 2021.

Shareholding: 38,117 shares via Mediaproducenterna Holdin AB AB.


Background and experience:

Lars has worked as a self-employed person in various businesses for around 30 years. During a five-year period, Lars held a senior management position within a larger company with responsibility for a Nordic organization, with primary responsibility for finance, product development, marketing and general business development.

Since 2011, the focus has primarily been as an advisor and operational resource in controlling, capital raising and other financing issues for listed and unlisted companies in the development phase. With experience from both large and small companies and the challenges a company can encounter in different phases, Lars adds an important component to the management team's work to develop and drive the company's growth.