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World-leading predictive and detective data to empower innovation and digital transformation through a wide range of industries.


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The collaboration and partnership between Klimator and Afry is focused on Vision Zero; No...

Næstved Municipality

"With the implementation of 20 new IoT road weather stations and Road Status Information...

PEAB Sweden

PEAB is the second largest contractor in Sweden and acts on state roads in over 20...


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Klimator Winter Conference, DEN

The meeting place for Winter Maintenance this year. Exciting presentations from customers, partners and other speakers.



Snow conference, US

The 2023 Snow Conference has expert-led snow and ice education sessions and an exhibit floor full of vendors showing the latest winter maintenance solutions.



Cold Comfort

The annual Cold Comfort conference and exhibition in UK leads the debate at the heart of the winter service sector, providing the highway and transportation industry with the only specialist conference dedicated to winter services.