Næstved Municipality

"With the implementation of 20 new IoT road weather stations and Road Status Information (RSI) in our winter service, we can see that we are more precise with call-outs and more often make partial call-outs in the municipality.

RSI provides the on-duty winter guard an overview and documentation for the important decision of whether to run a winter service or not, and good information is displayed to be able to select or deselect routes, depending on how the winter weather develops in different parts of the municipality. RSI thus supports the perspectives we see in a more data-driven, automated, and optimized work process in the winter service. The amount and level of detail of data allow us to work further with more dynamic route call-outs that will ensure a more targeted and qualified effort and, in many cases, provide savings on salt consumption and the winter budget.

After using the system for more than two years, we have continued to work with routing, which is now adapted to the overview we get throughout the season in RSI. This means that we can target precisely the places that are slippery. At the same time, we achieve further optimization, as the routes now fit better within the areas affected by local conditions to varying degrees. In addition, there are savings on some of the calls for salting on cycle paths and footpaths, where the salt has not been run off in the same way as by traffic on the roads. We couldn't get an overview of that in the same way before we had RSI.

Last season I chose not to call out or only partially called out at least three times. I am only one of four guards, so an immediate assessment could indicate that with optimal use of the system, 8-12 fewer calls can be made when using the system. It costs approx. DKK 140,000 (18.650 Euro) to do a total salt call-out in the municipality. "

Steffen Søgaard
Operational Manager, parks, sports, and winter, Næstved kommune

Below displays a situation, with only parts of the road network affected. The bright roads show where treatment is needed.

naestved_klimator_customare case