AI Aware Customer Case

Klimator has provided road friction data and road weather data to the AI-aware project since winter 2021. The AI-Aware project's main purpose is to investigate and test central traffic control supporting connected and automated vehicles. Through a collaborative cloud environment, the AI-aware participants research how AI can enable predictive awareness in a Smart City context.

To achieve an increased level of predictive awareness multiple partners and collaborators have been included in the project, such as traffic authorities, traffic management providers, map and location data providers, as well as OEMs. The overall ambition of the project is to establish a method to predict and prevent road accidents from happening. Klimator´s predictive road weather data provide critical information to avoid accidents during colder climates.

Purpose and goal

The AI AWARE project has explored how multiple datasets can be analyzed using AI algorithms to identify roads with elevated accident risk. Massive real-time data streams as well as large historic datasets have been evaluated by the project and then used to feed the AI algorithm. The ability to turn huge, but currently under-utilized, datasets into specific and quantified accident risk predictions may be used for proactive traffic management that ultimately could prevent accidents to occur. This would be a huge gain in the efforts to create a safer traffic system.

Expected results and effects

The AI AWARE project has successfully met its goals and not only implemented a first version of an AI-powered data fusion platform but also established and tested an end-to-end data flow mechanism to make the accident risk predictions immediately available to many connected organizations. All project members sees great potential in continuing the exploration of predictive awareness for increased traffic safety within their own organizations.

Planned approach and implementation

OEM, telecom, and location data providers as well as traffic management authorities have been collaborating in the project to provide their knowledge, innovative concepts, and technology. Volvo Cars together with Zenseact created a data fusion platform that applies an AI algorithm for continuous accident risk evaluation on a road segment level. HERE made their “HERE Platform” available for the project, used both as a plentiful data source for Volvo Cars/Zenseact’s AI algorithm as well as a communication layer to forward predicted accident risks to a Central Traffic Control."