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Klimator and artificial intelligence transforms and digitalises Peab's winter road maintenance

 Press release 2019-10-04


 Klimator and artificial intelligence transforms and digitalises Peab's winter road maintenance


Artificial intelligence is making its entry into several industries and the winter maintenance industry is no exception, as it is currently undergoing a major digital transformation. An increasing number of connected sensors in cars and heavier vehicles are growing in combination with smarter IoT together with integrated salt vehicles enabling high-resolution road surface forecasts. Peab's digital investment means major future environmental savings with reduced use of salt and wear on machines as well as an exciting high-tech work environment.


- We have evaluated the technology for several years and now see that the degree of maturity is very high which will contribute to greater environmental benefits and a more attractive workplace. This, combined with the fact that we are simultaneously developing and adapting our method and decision-making process, means that we can now take the next step, which is very exciting, says Carl-Johan Laurell, PEAB West.


- The whole industry is facing tremendous transformation thanks to the opportunity to combine different types of big data, and it is of course very exciting that Peab has now defined the future and is taking the next big steps in this direction. Not just in terms of theRSI software itself, but in the understanding of a transformed and modern way of working. New methods and changed attitudes in the decision-making process are key to creating greater environmental benefits and smartly using the earth's resources, says Emil Danielsson, CXO Klimator. 


RSI, Road Status Information, is a software that creates high-resolution local road weather surface forecasts by using data from weather stations, weather forecasts, different types of available sensors and data from networks of connected vehicles. 


- Self-driving cars, the need for smarter transportsystems and above all using multiple connected units are strong incentives for the development of our industry. Using less salt and fuel contributes positively to our local environment. The possibilities are endless for theSwedish Transport Administration, contractors, and communities, and even though we are a world leader in a niche industry, we feel that we are merely at the beginning of the development, says Emil Danielsson.


This winter Peab will, among other things, coordinate users and areas in Sweden to benefit from the overall expertise in the organisation. 


- We see great potential in everyone using the samesystem that is based on local climatic conditions and where we discuss possible measures in time and space based on current road forecast. The weather we experience in Gothenburg usually moves west and our observations can then be translated and contribute to smarter decisions in our eastern areas. To this we also make a major investment in education to continue the development of common quality assured methods, says Carl-Johan Laurell.


Klimator, who owns and develops RSI, Road StatusInformation, has over 30 years of experience in research and development in interpreting and describing roads. The data provided by Klimator is today utilised for various applications such as winter road maintenance, automotive industry, and traffic control centers.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187