Master Thesis - Machine learning

    Master Thesis - Machine learning

    Klimator is a Swedish software and intelligence company, that delivers state-of-the-art road weather data, empowering customers in different domains to capture and create real value. Klimator's mission is to enable data-driven change with cutting-edge technologies, with the vision of co-creating a better tomorrow. The company has an unparalleled legacy within road climatology and research which creates its unique ability to unleash world-leading predictive and detective road weather data. With proprietary data platforms, Klimator converts unapplicable data to real and relevant intelligence that supports innovation within numerous industries. For example, automotive players utilize Klimators software and data to improve driver experience, enhance ADAS functionalities, and enable safe and scalable AD.

    Role description

    Road condition classification from CCTV images using machine learning

    The aim of this master thesis is to develop a machine learning model for classifying the road condition (dry, snow, wet, ice, etc) seen on CCTV images mounted along roads. This classification can later be used in our products that help to create safer traffic and protect the environment. We have a vast amount of training and ground truth data already available.

    In this work you will learn about the state of the art image classification methods, big data, data science and Amazon Cloud Services (AWS).


    We appreciate your interest in Klimator. Klimator is an equal employment opportunity employer, committed to maintaining a supportive and inclusive workplace for all employees. Klimator does not discriminate against, and prohibits harassment of, any applicant or employee based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age or disability.

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