Jesper Landmér Pedersen

    Jesper Landmér Pedersen

    Team Lead RCD Model

    How did you come to work at Klimator?

    I started at Klimator as a summer intern in 2018. I thought they had an interesting niche, but it was in a very early commercial stage, so I saw an opportunity to participate in the growth of a small business/startup, which I found exciting.

    How would you decribe Klimator? 

    Klimator has found a solution to an obvious yet unexplored problem of road safety and maintenance. I still think we have just scratched the tip of the iceberg, and I see great potential with how we and the world could use more intelligent road information.

    “Klimator has found a solution to an obvious yet unexplored problem of road safety and maintenance.”

    — Jesper  Landmér Pedersen, Team Lead RCD Model


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    Looking at the growth Klimator has accomplished the past four years what are you most proud of?

    I’m very proud over the hard work and dedication that everyone on Klimator has put in to this company and its’ products. With few means and with few, yet highly skilled people, we have accomplished to become a market leader in the maintenance industry, and an interesting contributor to the automotive industry and the next stage of autonomous driving.

    What qualities are most important for a person who wants to work at Klimator?

    Qualities that I find important are curiosity, eagerness to learn, and willingness to work hard. I also value boldness. Sometimes it’s important to break conventions and ways of doing things, to give room for better solutions.