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    Predictive and detective data empowering the trajectory towards safe, and sustainable mobility
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    ​​Enabling safe mobility in all weather conditions

    Increased Driver



    Enhanced ADAS

    Safe and
    scalable AD​



    Predictive and detective road surface solutions built with the ambition to:

    • Enhance driver experience by boosting safety with additional and more accurate data about the current and future road condition

    • Enable more efficient optimization by limiting energy consumption lowering cost, decreasing environmental impact, and expanding range

    • Advance autonomous features by providing the systems with precise intelligence on the prevailing road surface.


    Increased Driver Information

    • Improved driver alerts 

    • Optimize route planning. (ETA)




    Create value in maps with RCD

    Enhance information in the navigation system and empower safer driving. With Road Condition Data RCD providing precise data to the system the driver gains a better understanding of the surrounding and road state which allows proactive driving.



    Enhanced ADAS functionalities​

    • Increase reliability of Intelligent speed assistance (ISA)

    • Improved V2V information​ 

    • Regenerative braking 

    • Limit Operational Design Domain (ODD) 



    Empower a more intelligent highway pilot

    Enable robust and trustworthy systems with predictive and detective data from RCD and AHEAD.



    Safe and scalable AD​

    • Recognise the boundaries of 

      operational-design-domain (ODD) 


    • Improve motion planning 



    Read how we improve motion planning with Scania 

    Improved motion planning with Klimator & Scania in joint research project

    Read more



    Enable more efficient driving​

    • Route optimization with risk adjusted route planning 

    • Power train optimization 

    • Predictive energy management 


    Moving mobility forward with Klimator

    Read how we push progress and co-create value with our customers and partners.

    Enable autonomous driving in all weather conditions

    Don’t let hazardous road surfaces prevent in-vehicle capabilities - schedule a demo today with our engineers and experts.

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